Production of Highly Active Antiparasitic Compounds from the Controlled Halogenation of the Arrabidaea brachypoda Crude Plant Extract

UHPLC-PDA-ELSD-MS analyses of the halogenation reactions at the analytical scale and NMR, and HRMS data of the isolated compounds

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    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Publication date07/07/2020
Retention date05/07/2030
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  • Ferreira Queiroz, Emerson orcid
  • Marcourt, Laurence
  • Wolfender, Jean-Luc
  • Neuenschwander, Alexandra
  • Pinto Costa Rocha, Vinicius
  • Matutino Bastos, Tanira
  • Morin, Hugo
  • Quintino da Rocha, Cláudia
  • Bittencourt Grimaldi, Gabriela
  • Almeida Felix de Sousa, Karoline
  • Nascimento Borges, Jadson
  • Rivara-Minten, Elisabeth
  • Botelho Pereira Soares, Milena
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