Physical Activity, Heart Rate, and Sleep data collected with a Smartwatch (N=12)

When using this resource, please cite the original publication: "Dejà vu: Recurrent Neural Networks for health wearables data forecast," Igor Matias and Katarzyna Wac, 2022, IEEE Xplore. 1. DESCRIPTION: This dataset includes 12 files with long-term recordings of physical activity, heart rate, and sleep collected for 290 days with a clinically tested smartwatch, Withings ScanWatch. Each file refers to an individual and includes additional chronological data for each point (day of the week, month, and astronomical season in the northern hemisphere). The data collection occurred between 6 July 2021 and 21 April 2022 (290 days), mainly within Switzerland and surrounding regions of France. The dataset contains data points missing at random. No data imputation was performed. 2. DEMOGRAPHICS: Gender: - 7 identified with the male gender. - 5 identified with the female gender. - 0 identified with another gender. Age: - Mean age = 28.2. - 20 to 34 years old. - Standard deviation = 4.8 years. Education: - 1 reported having less than a high school degree. - 2 had a high school degree or equivalent. - 0 reported having a bachelor's degree. - 7 had a master's degree. - 2 had a Ph.D. degree. 3. DATA: Check the "ANNOTATORS" file for more information regarding the type of data included. 4. STUDY PROTOCOL: The study protocol was approved by CUREG.

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    Quality of Life Technologies Lab
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    • 10.1109/ICMLA55696.2022.00264
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    • 10.1109/ICMLA55696.2022.00264
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    physical activity, heart rate, sleep, wearables, qol lab
Publication date10/10/2022
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