Integration of Wnt-inhibitory Activity and Structural Novelty Scoring Results to Uncover Novel Bioactive Natural Products: New Bicyclo[3.3.1]non-3-ene-2,9-diones from the Leaves of Hymenocardia punctata

NMR data of pure compounds: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy data of the isolated pure compounds ECD spectral data of pure compounds: Electronic circular dichroism spectroscopy data, these are used to elucidate the absolute configuration of the structures proposed

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    Wolfender Group
    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
    Natural products, structural novelty discovery, ‘Inventa’ scoring, Hymenocardia punctata, Metabolomics (LC-MS), structural elucidation, Wnt-pathway, Wnt-pathway modulators
Publication date16/01/2024
Retention date13/01/2034
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  • Quiros-Guerrero, Luis-Manuel
  • Marcourt, Laurence orcid
  • Chaiwangrach, Nathareen
  • Koval, Alexey
  • Ferreira Queiroz, Emerson orcid
  • David, Bruno
  • Grondin, Antonio
  • L. Katanaev, Vladimir
  • Wolfender, Jean-Luc
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