Long lived triplet charge separated state in naphthalenediimide based donor-acceptor dyads

Data presented in the article: 'Long lived triplet charge separated state in naph- thalenediimide based donor-acceptor dyads', by A. Aster, C. Rumble, A.-B- Bornhof, H. H. Huang, T. Solomek, S. Matile, and E. Vauthey Chem. Sci. (2021), 12, https://dx.doi.org/10.1039/d1sc00285f

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Publication date02/12/2020
Retention date21/02/2031
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  • Aster, Alexander
  • Rumble, Christopher orcid
  • Bornhof, Anna-Bea
  • Huang, Hsin-Hua
  • Sakai, Naomi orcid
  • Solomek, Thomas orcid
  • Matile, Stefan orcid
  • Vauthey, Eric orcid
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