Dataset for Enantiopure Boramidine for Detailed (Chir)Optical Studies

Inclusion of boron atoms into chiral π-conjugated systems is an effective strategy to unlock unique chiroptical properties. Herein, preparation and characterization of a configurationally stable axially-chiral boramidine are reported showcasing absorption in the UV domain, deep-blue fluorescence (Φ up to 94%), and ca. |10-3| gabs and glum values. Detailed photophysical studies and quantum-chemical calculations elucidate the deactivation pathways of the emissive state to the triplet excited states, involving increased spin-orbit coupling between S1 and T3.

    Organizational unit
    Laboratory of Professor Jérôme Lacour
    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Publication date11/01/2024
Retention date08/01/2034
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  • Saleh, Nidal orcid
  • Sucre-Rosales, Estefanía
  • Zinna, Francesco orcid
  • Besnard, Céline orcid
  • Vauthey, Eric orcid
  • Lacour, Jérôme orcid
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