From Red to Blue: Self-Enhanced Multicolor Electrochemiluminescence by Competitive Intra- vs Inter-molecular Electron-transfer Processes

Bifunctional ECL features have been integrated in a single molecular system based on a red-emitting helicene dye. The coreactant and the luminescent functions are decoupled and are activated either separately or simultaneously. Self-enhanced multicolor ECL emission was obtained in aqueous media by competitive highly exergonic intra- and inter-molecular electron-transfer reactions.

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    Laboratory of Professor Jérôme Lacour
    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Publication date07/02/2020
Retention date12/05/2030
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  • Bouffier, Laurent
  • Duwald, Romain orcid
  • Sojic, Neso
  • Francis, Paul S.
  • Voci, Silva
  • Lacour, Jérôme orcid
  • Grass, Stéphane orcid
  • Hayne, David J.
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