iTUG features of 71 patients with THA (pre & 6 months post-surgery) and 52 control participants

This database includes the biomechanical features of the fastest of three instrumented Timed Up-and-Go (iTUG) test of 71 THA patients and 52 controls. Patients performed the iTUG test before and 6 months after surgery while controls performed the test only once. Method: - Participants were equipped with 35 reflective skin markers attached over their whole body according to the Conventional Gait Model. Markers’ trajectories were measured at 100 Hz using an eight-camera optoelectronic system (MXT 40, Vicon, Oxford, UK), filtered at 6 Hz using a fourth-order Butterworth design and then occlusions were corrected using marker intercorrelations. - Participants were asked to perform the TUG test. They sat in an armchair with a seat at 47 cm off the ground, stood up, walked to a line on the ground three meters away, turned around and came back to sit in the chair. The whole task was made at a self-selected speed, and participants were allowed to use the armrests. - Instructions were as follows: “At the start signal, stand up from the chair without using the armrests, if possible, then walk towards the line in front of you, turn back at the line and come back to the chair and sit down, without using the armrests, if possible.” - The fastest of the first three tests was retained for analysis. When sitting, the participant’s back could not touch the armchair’s backrest because of the motion capture equipment. - The TUG test was divided into four phases : sit-to-stand, walking (back and forth), turn and turn-to-sit. - The beginning and end of the TUG test phases as well as the biomechanical features were identified using a custom algorithm.

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