Stress reports (patient and peer/proxy), application usage, touches buffered and user activity collected with a Smartphone

When using this resource, please cite the original publication: "You are not you when you are tired: The effects of ego depletion on stress levels reporting", Bellanger et al., 2024. In press. 1. DESCRIPTION: This dataset is split in two parts: 1. The 'apps' folder, which contains 3 files. One is all the apps used by the 36 participants during the study. The two others correspond to a classification made either by the authors either by ChatGPT to determine if they are hedonic (see section 2.4 of the article above). 2. The 'dyads' folder, with 3 sub-folders of 4 files. The subfolders correspond to the dyads mentioned in the paper. In each sub-folder, there is a file with all the data recorded, and 3 other files with data corresponding to the assigned group (see section 2.2 of the article above). These files contain the date, the start and end timestamps of the period analysed, the season, dayweek, period, number of touches, number of apps used, type of activity, confidence and Y value delta. The data collection occurred between 26 September 2018 and 26 March 2019. 2. DEMOGRAPHICS: Demographics are not available. 3. DATA: Check the "documentation" folder for more information regarding the type of data included and file names. 4. STUDY PROTOCOL: The study protocol was approved by CUREG.

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    stress, application, touch, activity, patient, peer, proxy, smartphone
Publication date11/07/2024
Retention date09/07/2034
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  • Almeida Matias, Igor orcid
  • Bellanger, Antoine
  • Wac, Katarzyna
  • Berrocal, Allan
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