Bi-plane X-rays of 28 patients before and after total hip arthroplasty

This database includes: - Raw Dicom images of bi-plane X-rays for 28 patients before and after total hip arthroplasty - Identification of parameters performed 3 times by 2 operators: 1 - Position of anatomical points of the pelvis and femur 2 - 3D geometric parameters of the pelvis and femur - Dependant of surgery & posture - Independant of surgery & posture 3 - Acetabular & Global Offsets NOTE: - DICOM: multiple patients were part of a research study including additional measurement devices visible on the images. - Parameters: parameters 1 & 2 were directly measured with the commercial software sterEOS (EOS imaging, Paris, France) while parameters 3 (Acetabular & Global Offsets) are not implemented in this software. Parameters 3 where computed as part of a research study performed by our teams where we compared multiple ways of computing these geometric parameters of the pelvis. Two papers are associated to this database: - Gasparutto, X., et al. Reliability of the pelvis and femur anatomical landmarks and geometry with the EOS system before and after total hip arthroplasty. Sci Rep 12, 21420 (2022). - Gasparutto, X. et al. Definition and reliability of 3D acetabular and global offset measurements from bi-plane X-rays. (Under Review)

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    Total hip arthroplasty, Bi-plane X-rays, EOS imaging, Reliability, Pelvis, Femur, Lower limb, X-rays
Publication date12/01/2022
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