This dataset consists of two relational tables containing information on the texts selected for the project. The information comes from: a) the section Note e notizie sui testi, edited by Mario Barenghi, Bruno Falcetto and Claudio Milanini in the three volumes Romanzi e racconti (RR, I, 1242-1393; RR, II, 1309-1475; RR, III, 1195-1350); b) from the bibliography Bibliografia di Italo Calvino by Luca Baranelli (Pisa, Edizioni della Normale, 2007). The first table contains a list of the titles of each text. Each title has: - identifier or ID; - length in characters and words; - genre; - volume of RR that contains the text; - name of the .txt file containing the digital copy of the text (only available for internal use). The second table shows the publishing history of each text, listing its various publications (see Flows of the Stories). In this table, each text’s ID appears once for each publication, accompanied by: - where it was published (e.g., the magazine «Il caffè letterario e satirico»); - publication date; - flag (e.g., true/false) that identifies the first publication. When the text was published as a novel or as part of a collection, the corresponding ID is also present.

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    Atlante Calvino
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    Italo Calvino, Letteratura italiana, Italian literature, Littérature italienne, Data Visualization, Digital Humanities
Publication date29/10/2022
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  • Parigini, Margherita
  • Giustetto, Virginia
  • Cavalloro, Valeria
  • Elli, Tommaso
  • Serra, Francesca
  • Briones, Ángeles
  • Gobbo, Beatrice
  • Mauri, Michele
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