Moisture Stress Index (MSI) - Switzerland [2016]

This dataset is an time-serie of Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data (ARD)- derived Moisture Stress Index (MSI) computed from Sentinel-2 data. MSI is a reflectance measurement, sensitive to increases in leaf water content using the forumla MSI=b11/b8. See Rock et al. (1985) DOI: As water content in vegetation canopy leaves increases, the absorbtion at wavelengths around 1599 nm also increases. Absorption at 819nm is used as a reference, since it’s nearly unaffected by changes in water content. Applications of the MSI include canopy stress analysis, productivity prediction and modelling, fire hazard analysis, and studies of ecosystem physiology. The index is inverted relative to the other water vegetation indices; higher values indicate greater water stress and less water content. The values of this index range from 0 to more than 3. The common range for green vegetation is 0.4 to 2. Values are provided as integer and multiplied by 1000 Metrics: annual (_annual) and seasonal (_spring; _summer; _autumn; _winter) mean (_nanmean), standard dev (_nanstd), min (_nanmin), max (_nanmax), median (_nanmedian), and amplitude (_range) Data format: GeoTiff This dataset has been genereated with the Swiss Data Cube ( in the frame of the ValPar.CH project

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    Swiss Data Cube
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    vegetation, moisture, sentinel-2, stress, valpar
Publication date20/09/2022
Retention date17/09/2032
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  • Schweiger, Anna
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