Mitochondrial copy number variation as a surrogate marker of acquired resistance to the bifunctional electrophilic chemotherapeutic drug busulfan

Experimental data obtained that was used to prepare the report. The study used MOLM13 cells. cells were exposed to Busulfan and also to cytarabine to develop acquired resistance, and was correlated with that of dynamic changes observed in mitochondrial copy number. lymphoblastoid cells (LCLs) were also used as normal cells to test the impact of mitochondrial copy number in relation to the cellular sensitivities to busulfan.

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    CANSEARCH Research Platform for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology
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    data, mitochondrial copy number, AML, busulfan, cytarabine, resistance, IC50, real-time PCR
Publication date24/08/2022
Retention date21/08/2032
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  • Uppugunduri Satyanarayana, Chakradhara Rao orcid
  • Boudal-Khosbheen, Mary
  • Sarmiento, Yoann
  • Marino, Denis
  • Mlakar, Vid
  • Nava, Tiago
  • Ansari, Marc
  • Jurkovic Mlakar, Simona
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