Dataset of Chiral Near-Infrared Fluorophores by Self-Promoted Oxidative Coupling of Cationic Helicenes with Amines / Enamines

In one pot, tertiary alkyl amines are oxidized to enamines by cationic dioxa [6]helicene, which further reacts as electrophile and oxidant to form mono or bis donor-pi-acceptor coupling products. This original and convergent synthetic approach provides a strong extension of conjugation yielding chromophores that absorb intensively in far-red or NIR domains (lambda_max up to 791 nm) and fluoresce in the NIR as well (lambda_max up to 887 nm). Intense ECD properties around 790 nm with a |Δε| value up to 60 M-1 cm-1 are observed.

    Organizational unit
    Laboratory of Professor Jérôme Lacour
    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Publication date14/12/2020
Retention date13/12/2030
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  • Bosson, Johann orcid
  • Labrador, Maria-Geraldine orcid
  • Besnard, Céline orcid
  • Jacquemin, Denis orcid
  • Lacour, Jérôme orcid
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