PACE REFIT building archetype load curves

Description: This dataset was generated as part of the PACE REFITS project. Contract number SI/501883-01. This data is a sample dataset. The complete data for all retrofit cases is used in the MANGOret Optimisation Framework. For more information contact Ivalin Petkov - epetkov@ethz.ch Publications: Ivalin Petkov, Georgios Mavromatidis, Christof Knoeri, James Allan, Volker H. Hoffmann MANGOret: An optimization framework for the long-term investment planning of building multi-energy system and envelope retrofits. 2022 Authors: James Allan, Portia Murray, Ivalin Petkov, Georgios Mavromatidis Source Data: OpenSteetMap; Gebäude und wohnungsregister, BFS; STATENT, BFS; swissBoundaries3D, SwissTopo) Contents: Name:annual_simulation_summary, Details: Aggregated annual space heating, cooling and electricity demands. Name:centroid_details, Details: Details about each centroid/archetype and their percentage assignment to the building stock of Switzerland Name:regional_boundaries_with_canton_name Details: An ESRI Shapefile containing the boundaries of the climatic zones used for simulation Name: profiles Details: Daily and hourly demand profiles for each centroid/archetype listed in the annual_simulation_summary. The name convention for each file is based on the fields in the annual simulation summary. profiles//____ where demand resolution is either daily or hourly. The rest of the fields are explained in the accompanying field_descriptors.csv. Institute: UESL, EMPA Corresponding author: James Allan

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Publication date13/07/2022
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