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The C-PROM-PFC corpus consists in a subpart of the material recorded within the Phonologie du Français Contemporain framework (Durand, Laks, Lyche 2009). It includes 15 regional varieties of French, recorded in 3 different countries of Europe: 5 varieties spoken in the Northern part of metropolitan France (Béthune, Brécey, Lyon, Paris and Ogéviller); 5 varieties spoken in Switzerland (Fribourg, Geneva, Martigny, Neuchâtel and Nyon) and 5 varieties spoken in Belgium (Brussels, Gembloux, Liège, Marche-en-Famène and Tournai). For each of the 15 locales, 4 female and 4 male speakers were selected; they were born and raised in the city in which they were recorded. As for the age of the speakers, it ranges from 19 to 82 years. Each of the 120 speakers was recorded in a reading text task (the text is 398 words-long) and in semi-directed sociolinguistic interviews, in which the informant had minimal interaction with the interviewer.

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